Church Tool Kit for the Imago Dei Conference

We are delighted to present the Church Tool Kit for the upcoming Imago Dei Conference. This toolkit has been carefully curated to assist church communities in actively promoting and participating in this significant event.

Click below to download our resources.

  • Video: Engage your congregation with our specially crafted video that conveys the vision and spirit of the Imago Dei Conference. Ideal for sharing during services or on your church's digital platforms.
  • Pulpit Announcement: Use our prepared script for announcements during services to inform and inspire your congregation about the conference.
  • Flyer: Distribute these flyers within your church and ministries to ensure everyone has the event details at their fingertips. Flyer back
  • Poster: Place our visually striking posters in high-traffic areas within your church or community centers to catch eyes and spark interest.
  • Social Media Graphics: Utilize these custom graphics to enhance engagement on your church’s social media channels, inviting followers to join the conference. Social Media Graphics Part 2
  • Social Media Suggested Verbiage: Easily craft compelling posts with our suggested captions, designed to communicate the importance of the conference and encourage participation.

All components of the toolkit are designed to support your efforts in maximizing attendance and involvement. We also have these items available in print. If you would like physical copies, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We invite you to utilize these valuable resources as we look forward to a transformative experience together at the Imago Dei Conference.